Camper project

The beginning!

A few months ago I was supposed to go to Vietnam. Unfortunately due to Corona, this trip has been canceled. My best friend Judith and I decided to buy a camper and to go on a trip through Europe.

By searching on the internet we found this beautiful Fiat Ducato Camper and we saw the beauty in it to fix it. We have installed a new floor and painted the inside and outside white with Ral 9010.

After we painted our art on it: flowers, mountains and a mandala on the front. We also cleaned and styled everything with our beautiful furniture. This is the result and we are very happy with it and can’t wait to go on more great trips with our lovely camper. KEEP IN TOUCH for more travel tips and stories.

This is the old version of the Fiat Ducato from the year 1985.

The end version! June 2020!

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  1. Gaaf hoor! Kan ik de camper ook huren?

    1. shirleyblom zegt:

      Jaa! Je kunt de camper ook huren voor 600 euro per week. Stuur anders even een emailbericht naar

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