Resultaten 4 weergeven

Fast prototyping

These prototypes are made out of the first ideas that you have in your head.  Sketch and make it, no time for overthinking. These doorstops are made out of concrete. I choose this shape because in normal life I just put a bag before my door to stop it. I saw it and the shape …

Art Deco sofa

This sofa is covert on the movie “the great Gatsby” the style of this sofa is art deco translated to now. The shell shape comes from the horn of a record player from that time. The color is old pink and the material suede. Really an eye-catcher in the room.

Angry pillow

This pillow is a translation of a feeling when somebody is stealing from you. The first thing I felt is angry and later disappointed that’s why the front an angry smiley and on the back a fluffy side that you can cuddle for the empty feeling that it is gone.